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The world is changing, which means the world of mobile games is changing. Our team has ALREADY created the METABULLS mobile game, which is completely located in the vastness of the metaverse.

Bulls - from time immemorial have been the personification of strength and perseverance. A spirited bull is capable of tearing anyone to shreds, while rushing to the breach, the bull does not see any obstacles in front of it.

Our goal is to create the largest community of NFT enthusiasts who are ready to fight each other in the body of their bulls. Our team is specialized in mobile games and created this masterpiece with 10,000 bull characters.

Everyone who owns NFT gets not only a unique character in the game, but also access to sweepstakes, earning opportunities and more.



A collection of 10,000 NFTs rendered by the Spanish artist Pablo Risovalo on the Ethereum network of the ERC721 protocol. Each NFT has its own value both from a collectible point of view and in the game. Depending on the NFT, the strength and health of the character will be.

collection1 collection2 collection3


PVP game located in the metaverse developed for owners of Android and iphone smartphones.
In the game MetaBulls, users enter the arena of a virtual battle arena, where NFT owners fight among themselves. Your bull will be positioned on the NFT that you are stunned. If you bought several NFTs, your skill is increased by the number of points belonging to your second NFT. And so an unlimited number of times. The more points you have, the greater your chance of winning!

After the sale of the full collection, an in-game tournament will be launched between NFT owners with a prize pool of 50 ETH. In the game, you can swing your character in order for his level to grow.

Again, the game has already been written and will be published after the drop.


Boris Wu
Jason Lin
Ren Chen
Kim Lin